Early Dismissal / Faculty Development Policy

On Early Dismissal days, MLA dismisses at 12:00 p.m. Students not picked up by 12:15 p.m. will be checked into the After-school Program, which runs until 6:00 p.m. The standard after-school fee will apply. Please note that on Early Dismissal days there is NO pre-school. 
On Faculty Development days, there are NO students present. Childcare must be arranged through the After-school Coordinator prior to that day commencing. A minimum number of students are required to merit the provision of childcare. Information on activities scheduled will be provided upon request.

Homework Policy

Morgantown Learning Academy does not burden young children with hours of homework after a productive day at school. We do, however, encourage parents and children to continue the learning and projects started at school within the home. By the elementary grades, children are expected to do more reading at home in preparation for book reports, discussions, projects, etc. In the upper elementary grades, children are provided with a gradual introduction and adjustment to the homework expectations they may experience in middle school. This is usually presented as an extension of specific activities that were started in school.

Student Release Procedure and Policy

  • We ask that all parents drop off and pick up their children personally. If a caregiver or other person is to pick up or drop off, please notify the office in writing. Students will not be released to an unauthorized person without written permission from a parent or guardian. A written list of authorized persons must be kept on file in the office.  The authorized persons must be knowledgeable of your specific family code word and have valid picture ID.
  • Pick Up/Drop Off:  From 7:30-8:00am students are to be dropped off in the gymnasium.  Students in PreK and Kindergarten need to be signed in at this time.  if you are signing your child in, you may park in the spaces in front of the gym or in the gravel lot.  DO NOT park in front of either building unless it is in a designated parking spot.  For 1st-8th grades, you may pull in front of the gym in the morning and let your child off there.  Kindergarten parents must walk their child into the gym and sign them in.  From 3:00-3:15pm you may drive in front of the gym, and we will get your child for you (PreK/K:  we will have the sign out sheets ready for you).  If you are stopping to talk to a teacher, a parent, or an administrator, please park (keep in mind that the teachers are responsible for students during this time.  It is best to make arrangements to talk to the teacher after dismissal is over).  For safety reasons, no passing is allowed during pick up time.  If arriving prior to 3:00pm please line up in the gravel lot.
  • Never leave your car unattended in the pick up lane or anywhere with the engine running.
  • PreK4 pm students dropped off before 12:00 noon will incur a $10 charge (if a preschooler is dropped off early, late pick up is not an option).
  • PreK3 am students picked up after 11:00am will incur a $10 charge to your monthly statement.

Playground Procedure and Policy

Playground Supervision 
  • Supervisors must be able to see all students at all times. 
  • Supervisors must circulate through the playground area. 
  • Supervisors must periodically check students using equipment. 
  • A minimum of 2 adults must be present when any group of students is on break. Supervisors should be on opposite ends of the play area. 
  • Keep gates closed at all times. 
  • Students are never to be unattended while on school property. 
  • An incident report must be filled out when an injury occurs and the appropriate classroom teacher notified. 
  • All students are expected to follow the Playground Rules listed below.
Playground Rules (Students) 
  • Use equipment properly (i.e. no twisting swings) 
  • Always watch for younger students. 
  • No physical violence or threats. 
  • Share equipment and play space. 
  • Never leave the play area without adult permission. 
  • Look for an adult to help solve problems and follow their directions. 
  • Use the designated path between the playground and the school building.
Appropriate Playground Discipline 
If inappropriate behavior occurs (e.g. physical aggression, taunting/harassing of another student, disrespect to an adult, and so on), the following steps should be followed: 
  • Student is asked to begin a time-out period not to exceed 5 minutes. 
  • After this cooling off period, adult approaches the student for a discussion of inappropriate behavior, and a more appropriate behavior choice. Time out is then completed. 
  • Repeated incidents should be referred to the Director.

Medication Procedure and Policy

The policy regarding the administration of medicine, prescribed and over-the-counter, is as follows: 
ALL medicine, including vitamins or herbal/nutritional supplements, must be registered with the Director or Office Manager in the office. A prescription from a doctor must accompany any medicine to be administered. A medication slip must be filled out and must accompany the medicine. This slip may be obtained from the office and kept on file in the office. On the slip you will be required to fill in the student’s name, the date and time the medication is to be administered, the specified dosage that is to be administered, and the name of the medication. The medication must be in its original container with the instructions for dosage and administration clearly written on the label. Prescription medication must contain the name of the prescribing physician. Any MLA faculty member may administer medication. The person administering medication will be responsible for recording their action in a log kept in the office. All medicine will be kept in a locked area of the Director’s office, unless refrigeration is required. Refrigerated medicines will be kept in the kitchen refrigerator. Students do not have access to kitchen without adult supervision. 

Food Policies

Kitchen and Faculty Lounge Policy
Students are not permitted in the kitchen or faculty lounge without adult supervision. 
Lunch Procedure and Policy
Lunch is from 11:00am until 11:30am for full-time students. A 30-minute recess period follows. Parents are responsible for providing a suitable lunch for their child(ren). Should you forget to provide a lunch for your child(ren), MLA will provide at your expense lunch for your child(ren). 
Microwaves are not available for student use nor does MLA provide refrigeration for lunches.  Please pack lunches in a suitable container with an ice pack as necessary.  Please DO send utensils and condiments for your child's lunch.  Due to the increasing amount of peanut-related allergies, MLA is a PEANUT-FREE SCHOOL.  DO NOT SEND peanut products to school with your child.  Some classrooms may also be tree-nut free.  Your teacher(s) will advise.  
Parents may volunteer to supervise students during the lunch and/or recess period.
Snack Procedure and Policy
All foods brought from home must meet established guidelines set by MLA. A calendar will be sent home at the beginning of each month with each day's snack listed. Parents will be responsible for providing snack on their designated days.
Snack must be delivered to MLA prior to the start of class. All snacks must be sent to school unopened and in its original package. There must be enough food for all of the students in the class. Food prepared at home (i.e. cupcakes, muffins) is permitted only on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, etc. If a student has a problem with an item listed on the menu, the classroom teacher must receive advance written notification, and an alternate plan made. If that plan includes an alternate snack brought from home, the snack must be individually wrapped, labeled with your child's name, and dated. MLA will provide paper products and plastic utensils, as necessary. No food will be cooked at MLA for snack purposes. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be cleaned. If you choose to send juice along with the day's snack, please send only 100% juice. Failing to provide snack by 9:00 am will result in a missed snack fee charge of $25 (K-8) or $15 (PreK). 

Individual Student Plans

Individual Student Plans (ISP) are used for students in grades K-8. Please look at your school calendar and note the ISP meeting dates. You and your child's teacher, together as a team, will be developing your child's curricular goals and objectives. This will give you more input and will give you a true sense of how instruction is being individualized for your child. 
Sample ISP Information includes:
Student Name
Grade Level
Skill Area

WEBS Procedure

Detailed webs of upcoming thematic units will be sent home via communication folders at least two school days before the theme is to begin. These will include IGO numbers and will let you know what is going to be taught, how it is going to be taught, what supplies are needed, and what field trips are going to be included. Discuss these with your children so that they are informed.

Phone Usage Policy

The phone is for MLA business use only. Students may not use the phone without permission from an MLA staff member. Phone calls will not be made to determine if a student may leave with another student. Students will not be released to an unauthorized person without prior written permission from a parent or guardian.

Clubs Procedure and Policy

Students who participate in club activities must be officially signed up for that club and must have paid the dues required by the club. Each club sets their own club dues. However, in order to join a club or multiple clubs a student must pay the annual $25 club management fee and complete the club registration sheet. All students participating in a club that is held after school and on the school premises must pay the fee indicated on the registration. Students are expected to adhere to the MLA rules of behavior and to show respect for others in all club activities. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated. Students who are disruptive will be asked to leave the club for that day and to join the regular after-school program. Disruptive behavior on a second occasion will necessitate the student being asked to leave the club permanently. No fees will be refunded.  Any student not picked up by the end of the club time will be automatically checked into the after-school program and charged any applicable after-school fees.

Car Seat and Booster Policy

West Virginia State law now mandates booster seats for children under the age of eight unless they are four feet nine inches or taller in height. If your child's class is going on a field trip, you MUST provide a car or booster seat. 

Billing and Payment Policy

MLA depends on you to pay all owed money in a timely manner. Without your cooperation in this matter the school cannot function. In addition, we cannot afford to spend the large amount of time or money it takes to deal with late payments and returned checks. 
We do not send invoices for tuition payments.  Tuition payments are due on the 1st of each month, as per your contract schedule. You have a grace period until the 5th of the month to make payment; after that, it's late. A late fee of $25 per family will be assessed if your tuition is not in the red box in the office by 3:00pm on the 5th of the month (if it is late, please automatically include the $25 late fee in your payment).  You only will receive an invoice by email if your payment is late.
Tuition unpaid for 1 (one) month is in arrears and will be accessed interest at the rate of 1% per month. Tuition in arrears merits a broken contract. The Directors will consider dismissal action for all students with broken contracts. If you miss a payment, the Directors strongly urge you to contact the Office Manager to make arrangements to bring your account up-to-date. 
Late fees and interest also apply to after-school payments. After-school bills are invoiced via email on the first day of school each month; payment is due on the fifth school day.  After-school payments not made by the fifteenth of the month will be considered late, and will incur a $25 late fee per family. Please automatically include the fee when you make your payment. 
The charge for each and every check returned NSF from the bank is $50 plus charges applied to MLA by our bank. If your check is returned NSF from the bank, you must pay the original amount plus all charges in cash or a cashier's check. If a total of 2 (two) checks are returned NSF in any 1 (one) school year, all future payments must be made in cash or with a cashier's check. Please use your notice from your bank to realize you have a returned check. Do not wait for us to contact you. 
All late fees and NSF charges must be paid prior to enrolling your child for the next school year or releasing student records. 
Please note clearly in the memo section of your check the fees for which the check is written. For your own protection, do not put cash into the red box without first obtaining a written receipt. 
Please do not ask us to hold postdated checks. Put it into the red box when you know it will clear the bank, and include any late fees, if applicable. 
Please understand that although we do not want to be inhuman in our approach to money, we cannot afford the time or the cost involved in being less than business-like. Thank you for your attention in this matter. Your cooperation will make the Office Manager's life much easier, and help to ensure the survival of MLA. Please call or stop by the office with any questions. 

Behavior Policy

Children and teachers will work together to create some classroom rules, in addition to school wide rules and consequences. Failure to obey these rules will result in the following disciplinary action:
Level 1:   Misbehavior at this level is taken care of within the classroom as per the list of rules generated by the children and teachers.
Level 2:   Misbehavior at this level is more serious and the child will be taken to the Director for a “cooling down” period and discussion. The parents/guardians will be notified, in writing.
Level 3:   Misbehavior at this level occurs when the behavior by the child has either been repeated or is more serious. Parents will be notified, a conference will be set up, and the parents (guardians), teacher and child will write a contingency contract; to be kept in the student’s file. 
Level 4:   Misbehavior at this level occurs when a child breaks a contingency contract or is seen as a danger or threat to any faculty member or student, determined by the faculty. The parents/guardians will be notified immediately and will be asked to remove the child from the school environment. Level 4 misbehavior results in a one to three day suspension at the discretion of the faculty.
Level 5:   Misbehavior at this level occurs when a child is suspended two times or has continued to show repeated misbehaviors with no improvements. If a student reached this level, the Directors and parents will be notified and the child will be asked to leave the school permanently.
Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, handguns, or other weapons are strictly forbidden on the campus of MLA. Any student possessing these substances will be immediately suspended and his or her continued enrollment reviewed by the Directors.

Attendance Policy

Morgantown Learning Academy continues to develop the highest quality educational program for its students. A critical element to this development is establishing and maintaining accurate records of student participation. The following guidelines will thus be observed:
  1. Morgantown Learning Academy will provide a minimum of one hundred and eighty (180) instructional days for all full-time students. 
  2. The Directors will determine academic calendars by the end of current academic year. Calendars will be distributed to all families. 
  3. Any student missing more than 44 days of instruction will not be promoted to the next grade level. 
  4. Parents are expected to call/email the school to report a student's absence by 9am.
  5. Excessive tardiness qualifies as loss of instructional time. Thus, five tardies will be considered equivalent to one absence. 
    • MLA defines "tardy" as the inability to be on task and productive at the designated start time in the morning. Morgantown Learning Academy official hours of operation for students is 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students not in classrooms by 8:05 a.m. will be marked tardy. 
    • Any student arriving past 8:15 a.m. must be signed into the office by a parent.  If this is not done, the student's record remains as an absence for that day.
  6. The following will be considered Excused Absences when a written note is presented to the office within 5 school days.
    • doctor's appointment 
    • family crisis 
    • extended illness 
    • contagious illness 
    • religious holidays 
  7. After an illness with fever, students may return to school when they have been fever-free 24 hours without the assistance of medicine.
  8. MLA does not follow the Monongalia County school schedule.  If there is inclement weather the Director will announce, by email, any closings or delays by 6am.  It also will be posted on the MLA Facebook page and the WBOY website.


Communication Procedures

Most information is sent to parents via email, if you have provided an email address on your child's emergency form.  PreK papers to go home are placed in the communication folder, outside the classroom.  K-8 papers are sent home with the child.  Parents may contact the office between the hours of 7:30am and 3:00pm for information or to schedule an appointment with a teacher or the Director.

Phone Usage Policy

The phone is for MLA business use only. Students may not use the phone without permission from an MLA staff member. Phone calls will not be made to determine if a student may leave with another student. Students will not be released to an unauthorized person without prior written permission from a parent or guardian. 

E-mail Procedure

Most school-related information is communicated via email.  If you do not wish to have your email printed on our school roster, please inform the office.