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Clubs Procedure and Policy

Students who participate in club activities must be officially signed up for that club and must have paid the dues required by the club. Each club sets their own club dues. However, in order to join a club or multiple clubs a student must pay the annual $25 club management fee and complete the club registration sheet. All students participating in a club that is held after school and on the school premises must pay the fee indicated on the registration. Students are expected to adhere to the MLA rules of behavior and to show respect for others in all club activities. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated. Students who are disruptive will be asked to leave the club for that day and to join the regular after-school program. Disruptive behavior on a second occasion will necessitate the student being asked to leave the club permanently. No fees will be refunded.  Any student not picked up by the end of the club time will be automatically checked into the after-school program and charged any applicable after-school fees.