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Food Policies

Kitchen and Faculty Lounge Policy
Students are not permitted in the kitchen or faculty lounge without adult supervision. 
Lunch Procedure and Policy
Lunch is from 11:00am until 11:30am for full-time students. A 30-minute recess period follows. Parents are responsible for providing a suitable lunch for their child(ren). Should you forget to provide a lunch for your child(ren), MLA will provide at your expense lunch for your child(ren). 
Microwaves are not available for student use nor does MLA provide refrigeration for lunches.  Please pack lunches in a suitable container with an ice pack as necessary.  Please DO send utensils and condiments for your child's lunch.  Due to the increasing amount of peanut-related allergies, MLA is a PEANUT-FREE SCHOOL.  DO NOT SEND peanut products to school with your child.  Some classrooms may also be tree-nut free.  Your teacher(s) will advise.  
Parents may volunteer to supervise students during the lunch and/or recess period.
Snack Procedure and Policy
All foods brought from home must meet established guidelines set by MLA. A calendar will be sent home at the beginning of each month with each day's snack listed. Parents will be responsible for providing snack on their designated days.
Snack must be delivered to MLA prior to the start of class. All snacks must be sent to school unopened and in its original package. There must be enough food for all of the students in the class. Food prepared at home (i.e. cupcakes, muffins) is permitted only on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, etc. If a student has a problem with an item listed on the menu, the classroom teacher must receive advance written notification, and an alternate plan made. If that plan includes an alternate snack brought from home, the snack must be individually wrapped, labeled with your child's name, and dated. MLA will provide paper products and plastic utensils, as necessary. No food will be cooked at MLA for snack purposes. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be cleaned. If you choose to send juice along with the day's snack, please send only 100% juice. Failing to provide snack by 9:00 am will result in a missed snack fee charge of $25 (K-8) or $15 (PreK).