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Medication Procedure and Policy

The policy regarding the administration of medicine, prescribed and over-the-counter, is as follows: 
ALL medicine, including vitamins or herbal/nutritional supplements, must be registered with the Director or Office Manager in the office. A prescription from a doctor must accompany any medicine to be administered. A medication slip must be filled out and must accompany the medicine. This slip may be obtained from the office and kept on file in the office. On the slip you will be required to fill in the student’s name, the date and time the medication is to be administered, the specified dosage that is to be administered, and the name of the medication. The medication must be in its original container with the instructions for dosage and administration clearly written on the label. Prescription medication must contain the name of the prescribing physician. Any MLA faculty member may administer medication. The person administering medication will be responsible for recording their action in a log kept in the office. All medicine will be kept in a locked area of the Director’s office, unless refrigeration is required. Refrigerated medicines will be kept in the kitchen refrigerator. Students do not have access to kitchen without adult supervision.