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FODC Youth Advisory Board visits MLA

Members from the Youth Advisory Board delivered recycling bins and talked to our students about environmental leadership on March 13th.  Andrew Clay from WBOY news came to film "
Kids Teaching Kids About Recycling at Morgantown Learning Academy."  Please read on to see the video and piece that Andrew wrote!


Class was in session Wednesday for students at the Morgantown Learning Academy who learned all about recycling, but instead of teachers standing at the front of the room it was a couple of teens.

"The way kids' brains are wired, they see someone doing something and think that becomes cool, like these trends, the Harlem Shake, or planking. It starts the same way, they see someone else doing it and say 'hey, that's cool, we should do it too," said Nathan Zucker, 13, of the Friends of Decker's Creek Youth Advisory Board.

Read more and see WBOY video here.  Please like it to show WBOY the importance of educational pieces!