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Summer Camp Weekly Themes

MLA 2019 Summer Day Camp

Weekly Themes

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Week 1:  June 3 - 7

Learn skills and techniques to be able to survive in the outdoors.  Raiders of the Lost Artifact treasure hunt/geocache will top off the week!

Week 2:  June 10 - 14

Time Traveller
Let's hop into a Police Box and visit different time periods.  Bring your Sonic Screwdriver...you may need it.

Week 3:  June 17 - 21

Game Show Mania
Campers will develop and play their own games of chance.  "Johnny, tell them what they've won!!"


Week 4:  June 24 - 28

Inventor's Workshop
Everything from the Wheel to Robots.  Who doesn't love robots?  Well...besides Sarah Connor. 


Week 5:  July 1 - 5 (closed Thursday July 4)

Fun & Fitness
Charles Atlas will have nothing on these campers after this week.  Campers will learn how to stay healthy, while having fun doing it!


Week 6:  July 8 - 12

Argh, Matey!

Pirates, Privateers, and maybe a Viking or two.  Why are we so taken with these sea rovers?  Come check it out and be ready for a Keel-haulin'!


Week 7:  July 15 - 19


Campers will learn skills that will enhance their deductive reasoning and mystery solving skills.  The game is afoot!


Week 8:  July 22 - 26

Myths & Legends

From Gilgamesh to John Henry and everyone in between.  Learning stories from written and oral traditions.  If your kid has an imagination, this is their week to shine!

Week 9:  July 29 - August 2

MLA's Got Talent

Campers will get a chance to demonstrate their talents and skills to each other.  Be it the mastery of the unicycle or eating spaghetti with their feet.


Week 10:  August 5 - 9

Kids' Choice

Back by popular demand, this week the activities will be chosen by you!  Pick from all of your favorite themes of the summer, then vote on the top 9.  Voting for Kids' Choice week will be held during Week 8: Myths & Legends (July 22 - 26).  You don't want to miss it!


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