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Multicultural Music

At MLA, we believe that all children should be exposed to a foreign language and to music at an early age. At MLA, Senora Jen has combined Spanish and music together into a twice-weekly class that teaches both subjects using integrated and creative teaching methods.  Each student receives a CD of songs in Spanish to help them remember vocabulary and phrases.  Songs in English as well as other multicultural songs are also included on the CD.  Students perform three to four times a year for parents.

All students are taught how to play the Irish penny whistle in 2nd grade, and from 3rd grade and up they have the choice to learn instruments such as banjo, guitar, and piano.  As students mature, Senora Jen gives them more choice regarding the songs to sing, which instruments to play, and the orchestration of the songs.  We also have a partnership with the Playing for Change Foundation, an international foundation that promotes peace through music education.  Our MLA students were featured on the Playing for Change website for their work in recording and making a music video for the song United, which they sang in five different languages.  MLA is also proud to be a sister school to the Tintale music program in Nepal.  We are able to write letters back and forth between our students as well as share music, dance, and culture.

Multicultural Music is a lively, hands-on class that is also a lot of fun.  Together, we celebrate diversity of religions and ethnicity while using Spanish as a gateway to understand one language in more depth. Parents are encouraged to bring their musical and linguistic talents to class or to be involved in practice, studio recording, etc.