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Pre-k Program

MLA Preschool Philosophy  

MLA's philosophy is that every child learns in a different way. To encourage learning of all styles, a variety of activities will be provided to nurture all aspects of cognitive, social, emotional, language, and physical development.



Preschoolers learn through play.  It is the process of play, and not the product, that reveals a child's development.  We feel that there should be a balance of whole group and small group instruction in order to provide children with appropriate opportunities for success.  The preschool environment should always be full of excitement and everlasting learning experiences.  Please continue reading for more details about our preschool program.




 MLA preschool is:

Hands-On Activities...Remember, children learn by doing!

Child-Centered...Adaptive to suit the needs and interests of your child

Socialization and Friendships...Attention to manners, feelings, and interactions

Songs and Fingerplays...Traditional and contemporary

Field Trips...Developmentally appropriate settings

Academic Kindergarten Preparation...Skills learned now will apply to later learning

Multi-age Interactions...Older students serve as role models and friends

Positive First School Experience...Affirmation can lead to confidence and a life-long love of learning

Loving and Nurturing...Respecting emotions and celebrating your child

Self-esteem Building...Encouraging developmentally appropriate independence

And...Fun, Fun, Fun!


We will do our best to nurture and support all of your child's best efforts. 

Preschool Schedule

Pre K for 3 year olds (Pre-K 3) meets Monday through Friday                                                                                                           

from 8:00 am to 11:00 am in the Pre-K classroom.

Pre-K 3 Schedule

8:00      Arrival and Exploratory Play
8:30      Greeting Circle
9:00      Snack and Healthy Habits
9:15      Music and Movement Circle
9:30      Outdoor Play
10:00    Physical Education
10:30    Activity Stations
11:00    Dismissal







Pre K for 4 year olds (Pre-K 4) meets Monday through Friday      

from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the Pre-K classroom.

Pre-K 4 Schedule

12:00    Arrival and Exploratory Play
12:20    Greeting Circle
12:55    Physical Education
1:25      Activity Station
2:00      Snack and Healthy Habits
2:15      Music and Movement Circle
2:30      Outdoor Play
3:00      Dismissal
3:15      Afterschool





Preschool students also receive Spanish, Music, and Art every week.

Please call 304-296-9554 for more information.